Pole dance fitness is an amazing and addictive sport which helps build whole body strength, fitness and flexibility, and more importantly, boost your self confidence and self esteem! Anyone of any age, fitness, body type and gender can start: all classes are beginner friendly, with advanced add-ons for more experienced students or returners. 

Post-Covid we hope to have just as many classes as we've been running online but with the added benefit of a *POLE*! There will also be the potential to having a showcase to perform the amazing talents of our fabulous club! Along with more collaborations with other societies/clubs and guest teachers from the Pole Dancing community we hope 2021/22 will be the best year yet!


Update: All our taster sessions are completely sold out! However you can still purchase our membership for early access for regular class booking. If you are not ready to commit to the membership just yet, you will still be able to  purchase a single lesson to try it out. All our classes are beginner friendly so you don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with the class!


About the membership:

  • £25 per term / £50 for a year
  • Free zoom sessions on stretch and floorwork every week and unlimited acess to past recordings
  • 50% off discount and piority booking for in-person classes (£6 per session, non-member £12)
  • Access to all our socials, workshops, special events and showcase
  • + Membership exclusive merch and gifts!


Our in-person classes take place at Kelechnekoff Studio taught by professional instructors

Mondays 17:45-18:45

Wednesdays 19:30- 20:30

Booking link will be sent out every two weeks in advance.

Please try arrive to the studio 10 minutes early, as late-comers would not be allow to enter the class. 

(Regular class starts from Oct 18th)


Zoom Floorwork and Flexibility/Strength alternates each week 

Our floorwork instructor this term: @gemmarosepole

Gemma Rose (she/her) is a Skrippa, 0F content creator, pro model, SWer rights activist and instructor! She is so excited to work with you in your Floorwork classes, teaching you seggsy choreos & technique ?? Gemma truly believes feeling seggsy is for everyone and loves to help people navigate that journey, providing a safe and inclusive space to explore movement & s3nsuality ?

Our Flexibility and Strength instructor this term: @noepoles

Noe (all pronouns), a sex worker, dancer and future nurse, has been pole dancing a little short of 5 years and is teaching at @drehmomentpole in Berlin. Noe will share their love for splits with you and give you the tools you need to improve your flexibility. They look forward to meeting you in class!


Follow us on instagram for updates on special workshop and socials: @arts_poledance


Our Committee

President: Riley Xiao - q.xiao0220191@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Francis Ghattas-Kaltenbacher - f.ghattas-kaltenbacher0320191@arts.ac.uk

Vice-President: Helen Moffatt - h.moffatt0220201@arts.ac.uk

Social Sec: Annya Ranshi - a.ranshi0120191@arts.ac.uk