We are the Arts Pole Dance Fitness Club!


Our Sports Offer

Pole dance fitness is an amazing and addictive sport which helps build whole body strength, fitness and flexibility, and more importantly, boost your self confidence and self esteem! Anyone of any age, fitness, body type and gender can start: all classes are beginner friendly, with advanced add-ons for more experienced students or returners. 


A Normal Year

Post-Covid we hope to have just as many classes as we've been running online but with the added benefit of a *POLE*! There will also be the potential to having a showcase to perform the amazing talents of our fabulous club! Along with more collaborations with other societies/clubs and guest teachers from the Pole Dancing community we hope 2021/22 will be the best year yet!


During Covid-19

Due to Covid guidelines issued by the University, our pole society will be holding a variety of pole-related fun and challenging online fitness classes to keep us going until we are allowed to get back on poles in person again! You can expect:

- Weekly stretch and flexibility classes - we are proud to support our first plus-size instructor as we are keen to prove that ALL bodies can be flexible!!

- Floorwork and Heels classes - a crucial aspect of pole dance that doesn't require the pole, floor classes aim to teach choreography and floor tricks that you can do with just a bit of floor space required! Stripper heels will be optional but make you feel 100% more badass.

-Twerk classes - twerk is an amazing cardio workout that will really get your sweat on and embraces all the jiggly bits society tells you hate. Often appropriated by a lot of pole dancers with little recognition of its historical roots, we are proud to work with an incredible female black owned business to show us the correct way to shake our booties!

- Chair classes - Chair dance stems from lap dance workshops and is deceptively difficult! Come learn how to arrange your limbs around a chair in an empowering and fun way to get fit.

We will also be holding regular socials, workshops, and collaborations with other sports teams. We welcome everyone of all backgrounds in our society, are anti-discrimination and are proud to be the SU's first society to openly provide support for student SWers. We can't wait to meet you all!


Our Committee

President: Sophie Roberts - s.roberts0220192@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Georgia Hughes - g.hughes0720183@arts.ac.uk

Vice-President: Qifang Xiao - q.xiao0220191@arts.ac.uk

Social Sec: Francis Ghattas-Kaltenbacher - f.ghattas-kaltenbacher0320191@arts.ac.uk