We welcome everyone and all ranges of ability. Whether you have never touched a volleyball in your life, or if you have been playing since you can remember, there is a place for you in our club! We offer non-competitive, recreational sessions for those who just want to focus on developing, learning and improving. For those who are interested in competitive volleyball, we have three competitive teams; a women's team who compete in BUCS on Wednesdays, a men's team who compete in BUCS on Wednesdays and a mixed team who compete in LUSL on Mondays. In 2021/22, our women's team placed 1st in the BUCS league allowing us to move up to Division 2! Our mixed team placed 1st in the LUSL mixed league allowing us to move up to Mixed Competitive! Our women's team also placed 2nd in the BUCS Seven Cup and our mixed team placed 2nd in the LUSL Mixed Cup. We are also proud to say that the Arts Volleyball Team has won Varsity for 5 years in a row now! 


Our training days are:

  • Thursday (5.30pm - 7pm) Bow School 44 TwelvetreesCres, London E3

Our game days are: Monday for Mixed Team and Wednesday for Women's Team [Standard Membership members only]

Each team is made up of about 14 people per game and receives training once a week with a coach for 2 hours. The recreational sessions are also held once a week for 2 hours. Standard Membership members will have access to all our practice sessions, while Recreational Membership members will only have access to our Friday practices.


Our Committee

President: Qabir Ali - q.alli0220201@arts.ac.uk 

Treasurer: Shun Sonoda - s.sonoda0720181@arts.ac.uk

Womens Captain: Sofia Majakari - s.majakari0320211@arts.ac.uk

Mens Captain: Michael Kirk - m.kirk0120201@arts.ac.uk

Mixed Captain: Jade Mace - j.mace0420201@arts.ac.uk

Social media officer: Amani Wa-Nzala - a.wa-nzala0520211@arts.ac.uk

Social/Event Secretary: Kate Gordeeva - e.gordeeva0120191@arts.ac.uk

We would love to have you on our team!

No elections are currently running