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About Roof Bugs Society


Roof Bugs - Green roof and Outdoor club is a space where you can come to get some sunshine, fresh air and join a welcoming community. We are hoping to try and get as many people outside as possible even in small ways. (Please come join us for a picnic on the roof in Fresher's Week) 

We will be utalising the roof space at CSM in an allotment style, you can sign up to 'rent a bed' for the term or the year where you can grow fruits, veggies or other plants with our help. 

We also plan on arranging some workshops exploring nature and being outdoors, for example foraging and plant identification, nature art and various walks. As well as hopefully  a weekend camping trip later in the year and celebrating traditional festivals that follow the seasons. 

We are a small team, but we hope we can create big things together as a community! 

See you soon! 

Georgia and Kiki :-) 


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