Hello & welcome to the Vietnamese Society of the University of the Arts London. 


We value and embrace those that have a passion for vietnamese culture, our aim is to support and share our rich culture heritage with others! The goal is to create a comfortable environment and community for Vietnamese students across the six colleges of UAL, learning about each other’s skills in the field of design, future projects and many more. 


The exciting events coming up for the 2022-2023 academic year:


  • Welcome Dinner

A welcome dinner will be held as a chance to get to know our committee members, meet and build a foundation with other's Vietnamese students in UAL. Get to know more of each other through the delicious food we share. Follow by activities such as Vietnamese card games, karaoke, arts & crafts and many more. This is a chance to get to know the new members and expand your connection with other Vietnamese students.


  • Lunar New Year Celebration 

Join us to celebrate the Lunar New Year through fun activities, enjoy delicious Vietnamese food. Send away homesickness, deep dive into the heritage that we all share physically or spiritually. Beautiful memories will be created. Together we reflect on a year that is passed and making way for the new year with love, visions, hopes, and dreams. 


  • Collaboration with Other Societies 

Our goal is to create an enjoyable community with our members, therefore in the following academic year we are collaborating with other societies to share and connect through fun and unique activities and interests.


Future activities will be announced on our Instagram page: @ual.vietsoc

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns! 


VietSoc 2022 - 2023 Committee 

President: Mia Luong - m.luong0720181@arts.ac.uk  /  @_minhanh 

Treasurer: Abhay Panot - a.panot0320211@arts.ac.uk  /  @abhay_panot 

Event Manager: David Ly -  d.ly0620191@arts.ac.uk  /  @kayuki_lyco 

Social Media Manager: Rae Nguyen -  l.nguyen0320211@arts.ac.uk  /  @theendofhatsunemikuu 


No elections are currently running