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Can’t seem to find your local weeaboos? Or maybe you have, but none of them have read the cool manga you’re dying to talk about! Perhaps you’ve always been interested in the idea of getting into otaku culture, but don’t know where to start? We’re the Society for you! The UAL Animanga Society is meant to be a place for UAL students to come together to discuss and share their favourite recommendations, or those who want to find company to chill and hang out with.



Planned Events/Activities

We will hold movie screenings, read manga, go to events, create our own merch, learn about the Japanese culture, and much more. We will consider everyone’s preferences when selecting different activities to incorporate all tastes, so we’re open to even more suggestions! As a society, we aim to be an inclusive community where respect and acceptance are core values, so please do not be afraid to share your thoughts with us. Hope to meet you all soon so we can all geek out!


Contact Details

President – n.goh@0220201@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer - m.liragomesdealmeidabelo0420201@arts.ac.uk

Society Email - ualanimemangasociety@gmail.com

Society Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ualanimangasociety/

Animanga Streaming session #1 (Give it a go)
HH_203 LCF High Holborn
Come watch anime with us! Whether it be classics or new favourites, every other week we'll stream the anime with the most votes on our discord poll!
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