About Us 

Our society will provide its members not only with a safe space dedicated to ensuring the comfort of common beliefs and culture but will also aid its members in understand said culture in a greater way. This will be done through various events, talks and free exchange of information which can prove pivotal in any learning or life concerning situation.  


Planned Events/Activities 

We are in the process of planning talks with fashion industry specialists such as Ksenia Schnaider who can give vital insider information. Furthermore, we aim to establish a platform for Ukrainian creatives to showcase their art, be that a fashion show, an exhibition or a performance dedicated stunt. We believe that Ukrainian talent has not been showcased enough in the world of art and creativity, and therefore we want to direct our efforts towards promoting our members’ talents.  


Contact Details 

President- Mariia Yeremenko  

Treasurer- Naum Berezovskiy 

Instagram @ual.ukrainiansociety

Society Email:  ual.ukrainiansociety@gmail.com 


No elections are currently running