Please send an email to me at ualceramicssociety@gmail.com (or l.brunet-wong0120201@arts.ac.uk) so that I can send you a welcome email with more details!

About Us 

Hi, we are the Ceramics Society :D We want to bring our members relaxing and social events, as well as the expensive world of ceramics (at the most student friendly prices possible). We are excited to announce that our society is massively expanding this year! Our events include internally run, low-cost social events (such as Air-dry Clay and Painting and glazing Bisque-ware) and we also work with 3 different companies and studios to bring you a variety of skill based workshops. We have formed a working relationship with these companies and are heavily subsidised from several grants in order to bring you the cheapest prices possible.

Our membership will give you access to discounts, socials and all of our ticketed events!


Planned Events/Activities 

If a price is TBC this is because we are waiting for our grants to be approved - this will affect our session prices.

Internally Run Sessions:

  • Air Dry Clay sessions At CSM's KX campus (room booking tbc), have fun relax and eat biscuits! £1 (you can also paint and glaze your pieces £2).
  • New! Painting and Glazing Bisque-ware These will be real ceramic pieces, much like what you’d find at a pottery painting cafe :O (Price TBC and dependant on bisque type £5-£8)
  • End of term celebration events! :D

Sessions Run with Studios/Companies:

  • Induction sessions @ The Kiln Rooms - 4 and a half hours of intense introduction to ceramics - learn to throw and hand-build. (Price TBC £55-£59 - [RRP:£95]) 
  • Handbuilt pottery @ the 1A Arts Studio - Make sculptural, slab or coil built pottery with Colleen. (Price TBC £18-£20)
  • New! 5-week Course @ The Kiln Rooms (Price TBC: no more than £168 - [RRP:£190])
  • New! 12-week Course @ The Kiln Rooms (Price TBC: no more than £275 - [RRP: £320])
  • New! Learn to throw with KC @ Sustainable Makers of London. This will be a private session, with your own wheel and just two other students! (Price TBC £36-£40)

Other Benefits:

  • Ceramics Society Socials and themed events
  • 15% discount on independent 12-week courses @ The Kiln Rooms - as part of our society (valid outside of term time)
  • 50% off The Kiln Room’s monthly talks with well-known ceramicists! (also valid outside of term - check our instagram)



When do sessions take place?

  • Airdry Clay: every Wednesday evening, 5-6:30/7pm
  • Bisque: selected Wednesday afternoons, 2-4pm or 3-5pm
  • 1A Arts: selected Saturdays, 1-3pm
  • Sustainable Makers London: Wednesday afternoons (timing TBC)

For The Kiln Rooms, the dates and times vary depending on what session you are going to. Members can look forward to a Monthly timetable with more information.

Where are you based?

  • Air-dry clay - CSM Nearest station: King's Cross (Central)
  • Bisque - Nearest station: Island Gardens (East London - near Canary Wharf)
  • The Kiln Rooms - Nearest station: Peckham Rye (South London)
  • 1A Arts - Nearby stations: Holborn, Chancery Lane, Farringdon (Central)
  • Sustainable Makers London - Nearest Station: Bow Road (East London

Full details will be released to ticket holders.

What if I'm a beginner? / What if I am experienced?

This society's aim is to bring the world of clay to our members - regardless of if you're a complete beginner or a master potter. All of our sessions are tutored - so get ready to expand your knowledge and have fun! If you're experienced, let your tutors know and they can push you and help you to get even better!

Do we have to pay for Clay?

All of our tickets include material costs unless otherwise stated (such as the 12-week course with Kiln Rooms). All of our sessions that use clay need the proper facilities - and this is why we run these sessions with companies! Check the ticket description for the event if you want more information.

Contact us! 

Email: ualceramicssociety@gmail.com 

Instagram: @ceramicssociety : https://www.instagram.com/ceramicssociety/


President: Léa (l.brunet-wong0120201@arts.ac.uk

Vice and Treasurer: Olivia (o.fussenegger0520211@arts.ac.uk)

Social Sec: Harriet Lawless

Social media manager: Taya Boothe


Annual Membership Fee 


BISQUE - miso bowl
DO NOT PURCHASE - unless you are signed up to a bisque session and have been prompted to purchase! :)
BISQUE - plate
DO NOT PURCHASE - unless you are signed up to a bisque session and have been prompted to purchase! :)
BISQUE - round mug
DO NOT PURCHASE - unless you are signed up to a bisque session and have been prompted to purchase! :)
Wode Ceramics x UAL Ceramics Society: Artist talk and Live Demo!
Artist talk, live demo and workshop from a visiting mini ceramicist (The first of it's kind in London)!
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