The Latinxs Collective is a meeting point/hub for the latinx, lusophone and hispanic speaking community within University of the Arts London. We encourage identity expression, multicultural exchange, and collaboration whilst sharing creative practices.


El Latinxs Collective es un punto de encuentro para la comunidad de habla latina, lusófona e hispana dentro de la Universidad de las Artes de Londres. Fomentamos el desarrollo de identidad, la interculturalidad y la colaboración entre las distintas expresiones artísticas presentes en nuestro ambiente creativo.


O Coletivo Latinxs é um ponto de encontro para a comunidade de língua latina, lusófona  e hispânica da University of the Arts London. Nós encorajamos a identidade, o intercâmbio multicultural e a colaboração entre artistas, enquanto compartilhamos práticas criativas.

Tradução por: Katharina Benjamin


Do I need to be latinx or speak spanish/portuguese to join? 

No, you can still join! We are not exclusively only for latinxs students however, we are a safe space for UAL’s latinx and hispanic speaking community therefore you will be surrounded by this and will be exposed to spanglish/portuñol.


What kind of events do you do? 

We hold a series of varied events as we are guided by the interests of each new incoming group of latinxs. We hold a monthly meet-up and a final year exhibition. In the past we have held panel discussions, movie/documentary evenings, dinners, dance classes, art viewings and club nights. This year our events will be adapted to follow covid-19 safety measures.


Through where do you communicate? 

We mainly communicate through our whatsapp group (please email us to latinx.ual@gmail.com join).

 As well as a monthly newsletters and our instagram (latinxs.society). 

You can also contact our admins to their university emails below.




Jessica Panchi Pacheco – President  j.panchipacheco0320211@arts.ac.uk

Diana Siegel - Co-President d.siegelfernandez0220201@arts.ac.uk

Isabella Chipana – Vice President  i.chipanaocampo0420191@arts.ac.uk

Kian Elmusa Rivera – Treasurer k.elmusarivera0720181@arts.ac.uk

Pedro Reséndez - Representative - p.resendez0220201@arts.ac.uk

Cristobal Ayala - Representative - c.ayalaroche1220191@arts.ac.uk

Anna Enger - Brazilian Representative - a.santosenger0520211@arts.ac.uk

Sophie Stalder - Graphic designer - s.stalder0420201@arts.ac.uk

social media manager - *open position*





Email: latinx.ual@gmail.com





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