University of the Arts London's African Caribbean Society (UAL:ACS)

University of the Arts London's African Caribbean Society (UAL:ACS) is a community for those who love to experience enriched African and Caribbean culture. We aim to host a number of monthly events including interactive workshops, industry talks, exhibitions, screenings, and socials. We look forward to presenting a creative space that enables pride in identity, culture, and origin. Members of our society will can make connections with creative, like-minded people. UAL:ACS aspires to make your university experience that little bit better.

Whilst we are not exclusive to students of African and/or Caribbean descent, UAL ACS is very much for us, by us.



What are the benefits of becoming a member?

You become part of a community, and gain access to a range of events at a free or discounted rate that does not apply to non-members. You will be automatically added to our mailing list and receive regular updates.

What does my membership fee go towards?

Your membership fee goes towards running our events and ensuring that our members get the most out of their experience.

Will I still need to pay for events?

Not every event we host will be free, and some events will require additional payment to reserve your space. We want everyone to have the chance to participate!

How will I know when events are happening?

We'll share a regular run through of our plans via emails, social media, and by distributing posters across all UAL colleges.

How do I speak to, or get involved in working with, the committee?

If you have an idea or an event in mind contact us via our general email (see below) or speak to Alyshia or Dercilia.


Committee 2020/21


President - Alyshia Jack

Treasurer - Dercilia Bari


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