The Arts Students’ Union is calling on all students and staff from across University of Arts London (UAL) to produce a Creative Manifesto, which will be your radical collective vision for arts and culture in London over the next five years. To find out more about the manifesto - click here. 

Assembly Working Groups Dates (click on the working group link to find out more about each session): 

Working Group Date Time Guest Speakers
Sustainability 17th February 2020 2.30pm - 6.15pm Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Decolonising the Arts 17th February 2020 2.30pm - 6.15pm Bolanle Tajudeen founder of Black Blossoms
The Cost of Living 17th February 2020 2.30pm - 6.15pm Anna Codrea-Rado & Matt Dowling (founder of the Freelancer Club)
Accessibility 24th February 2020 2.30pm - 6.15pm Shape Arts
Cross-Sector Collaboration 24th February 2020 2.30pm - 6.15pm TfL Art on the Underground

*All working groups will include adequate time for breaks.

We’re looking for a cohort of students and staff to join The Creative Manifesto Assembly, where you’ll work together to produce a set of demands for the manifesto.   

In the opening assembly, participants will be introduced to The Creative Manifesto and the structure of the assembly, answering any questions individuals may have. 

In working groups of their choice, participants will explore a particular theme: Sustainability, Decolonizing the Arts, Cost of Living, Accessibility and Cross-Sector Collaboration.  

To encourage ambitious considerations for ways to support creatives in London, each working group will be facilitated by organisations and individuals currently addressing the groups’ respective themes.   

Working groups will be tasked with producing three separate demands relating to the theme they are exploring that they want to see included in the manifesto. See the diagram below for the assembly structure.

The demands of each group will then be put forward for all UAL students and staff to vote on a single demand under each theme, which will be included in the final Creative Manifesto.   

All the events during the assembly will take place on Zoom on Wednesday afternoons and evenings outside of regular teaching and learning times.  

We only expect students and staff to committ to attending the working group they sign up to. Do not worry if you're unable to attend the opening and roundup assembly as these are for more informative purposes and will be recorded.


Other key dates: 

Opening Assembly – 10th February (4.30pm – 5.30pm) 

Roundup Assembly – 3rd March (4.30pm – 5.30pm) 

In order to ensure the credibility of the demands put forward by each working group, they require those that sign up to their chosen area to commit to the date of their group (see below). We will try to ensure that there is an equal split of students and staff in each group, that there are at least 10 participants in each, and that they are representative of our diverse student and staff body. 

If you have any queries about The Creative Manifesto Assembly, please contact Lewis Toumazou at l.toumazou@su.arts.ac.uk