Creative Manifesto

Creative Manifesto

The Creative Manifesto will be a radical collective vision for arts and culture in London over the next five years.

It’s an opportunity for University of the Arts London students and staff to come together to discuss the changes they want to see. It’ll be produced during the run up to the London Mayoral Election in May 2021, shared with the mayoral candidates and the public to generate debate.

We believe that for the arts to thrive in London during these uncertain times, an ambitious approach to supporting individuals and the creative sectors is necessary. With a direct lived experience of the challenges they face in the city as creatives, students and staff are in the best position to reflect, discuss and propose ways to overcome these difficulties.

The Arts Students’ Union will be facilitating the production of the Creative Manifesto. We’ll be hosting an assembly, involving a series of talks and workshops, for a cohort of students and staff. These events will encourage ambitious considerations for ways to support creatives in London under set thematic areas such as: representation, sustainability and the environment, decolonizing the arts, the cost of living, accessibility, cross-sector collaboration and more.

To engage our wider student and staff population, everyone will be able to vote on the manifesto’s points that have been proposed by this cohort. Students will work together to consider the medium(s) in which the manifesto takes shape and how to creatively disseminate its message.

For anyone wanting to find out more about the Creative Manifesto and how to get involved, please email Lewis Toumazou –