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Exhibitions & Projects Summer Term 2023

This term, the Arts SU Project Spaces have hosted a range of exciting exhibitions and events by UAL students across the colleges. Take a look at what they have been up to...



Photographs by David Povilaika 


The Arts SU spaces are free and open to all current UAL students looking to host exhibitions and events – they provide space to learn, experiment and collaborate across disciplines and colleges. At the start of the term, we had an open call for students to apply to use the spaces, this open call proved very popular and here are some of the exhibitions and projects that were chosen. 


REdiscovery: Cabinet of Curiosities 

The Curation Society 

Arts SU Space, Camberwell

REdiscovery: Cabinet of Curiosities was an exhibition that presented a variety of work from members of the Curation Society. The works showcased how familiar concepts, objects and ideas could be repurposed and transformed through an archival and material-based approach.  

This exhibition gave the Curation Society members the opportunity to reflect on their personal archives, to see what sparked their curiosity and what that rediscovery led to. The ideas in the exhibition ranged from observations of the natural world, ancient artifacts, sketches, video and long forgotten fragments that became central in their work once again.  


Take Up Space 

Lucie Iredale and Katie Ramsden 

Arts SU Gallery, CSM 

Lucie & Katie created an installation at CSM that invited the audience to take up space freely. The partition filtered and reflected certain wavelengths of light, and the resulting dichroic effect changed depending on the viewer's point of observation. During the opening night, the students performed in the space, inviting the audience to join in and take up space with them.  

The work was inspired by Donna Haraway’s concept that ‘only partial perspective promises objective vision.’ The students applied this to performance, exploring how intersectional feminist objectivity can be found through interactive art forms.  



Carolina Rodriguez Baptista & Svitlana Reinish 

Arts SU Gallery, LCC 

In Crossroads, Carolina and Svitlana present their journey as women, as immigrants, as adventurers, as artists, and as refugees through a collaborative exhibition.  

Carolina is from Venezuela and Svitlana is from Ukraine, they both left their home countries forced by different circumstances. Noticing they had similar struggles, hopes and a shared sense of purpose, they wanted to use the space to collaboratively tell a story through sculpture, video installation and digital images. Together they created an environment that generated a feeling of community and shared values. 


Dirty Laundry 

MA Fine Art students, Camberwell 

Arts SU Space, Camberwell College fo Arts

Dirty Laundry exhibited work by seven MA Painters at Camberwell College of Art: Lucrezia Lucrezia Abatzoglu, Xingxin Hu, Ramah AlHusseini, Kate Kelly, Maggie Shafran, Danying Chen, Junnan Huang. By using an expanded notion of painting to examine narrative alongside play, the students explored their relationship within modern society and the different connections to their surroundings.   

Within each of their practices, they engage in the understanding of the sometimes-obsessive collective method of human behaviour. Their works explore psychological consciousness and question the subconscious actions and thoughts of human experience.  

Telling Lost Stories: A Decolonising Work in Progress 

Meredith Gunderson, BA (Hons) Ceramic Design

Arts SU Space, Camberwell College fo Arts

Telling Lost Stories is an exhibition by Meredith Gunderson that explored possibilities for decolonising museum experiences. The multimedia exhibition included 3d printed and cast ceramics, porcelain, works on paper and digital work inspired by the story of the caryatid Lord Elgin, which was removed from the Athens Acropolis in 1803 and subsequently sold to the British Museum. 

Meredith Gunderson's practice inquires into the legacy and tools of colonialism alongside the unknowable voids and forever silenced voices of the past. She uses material investigation to include intentionally imperfect modes of replication and reworkings of museum & artifact aesthetic as a means to offer counter narratives. 


Want to get involved next term? Keep your eyes on this page for upcoming Open Calls and Exhibition Opportunities!


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