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Open call: Sshhh... Exhibition

Open call for participatory experiments, workshops & propositional works!


Sshhh… is an exploration of the many unspoken forms of communication hosted by MA Sculpture in the Arts Su Camberwell Space. Inspired by body, visual, and symbolic language, as well as the challenges and nuances in translation through written texts, this event seeks to find ways of speaking across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. The theme relates to a sense of quiet, concentrated presence in art practice, and more broadly to power structures, hidden meanings, and subtle forms of communication. 

Opening with a week of labs and workshops, it will seek first to address these concerns in a live and experimental way through collaborative processes. Invitees from across disciplines will be involved in this generative phase, probing the notion that sculpture can claim to be both a site and distinct method of inquiry. It will then shift to an exhibition featuring these emergent works, shown alongside works by studio practitioners, recontextualising both approaches in relation to the theme. By bringing these approaches together in a new arrangement, Sshhh… will celebrate diverse ways of making as modes of unspoken communication. 

Following on from Contexts and Conversations, we on Sculpture are keen to continue to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration between courses. Building on the sense of live-ness from Millbank, at Sshhh… we are looking for any work or research that would benefit from a participatory element. 

The dates for this are before teaching resumes after the Easter break, so it is a semi-private environment, open to students and named invitees only, and a great opportunity to have a bit of a play with any works and ideas that need activation by audience or participant. Any work which has before-and-after states, leaves a residue, combines objects and ideas in an unconventional way, requires moving bodies, or has dialogue with sculpture, is highly encouraged! No idea too small! 

For Sculpture, in the context of the ‘expanded field’, this sense of opening-up also serves an academic purpose, finding the boundaries of what can be considered sculpture in a multi-disciplinary context. Most importantly, though, this sense of interaction, dialogue and experimentation to launch the exhibition is a great chance to try something out in semi-private/semi-public. 

How to take part: 

Please email to apply or for more information. 

Feel free to send this at any stage of readiness, but remember! I may not be familiar with your work and need to understand what you are proposing. While there is no idea too small to be interesting, any examples of past work, artist references, sketches, instructions, desired outcomes, equipment required, dimensions, AV requirements etc. will help me to programme this smoothly. 

A small amount of funding for required materials is available through the Arts SU if there is a demonstrable need. 

Where: Arts SU Camberwell Space 

When: Live programme runs Mon 8th – Thu 11th April. Exhibition runs to Sat. 27th Apr. 

Who: You!? In collaboration with MA Sculpture. Contact Owen Herbert 

Deadline: Friday 5th April, end of day


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