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NUS Campaign Win: £15m Hardship Fund Uplift Secured

The National Union of Students has successfully lobbied the government to increase student hardship funds available to universities by £15 million.


The UK Government announced today a package of measures designed to help students through the cost of living crisis, including £15 million for university hardship funds. This is due to coordinated national campaigning from the National Union of Students (NUS), full-time officer teams and staff members at Students' Unions across the UK. It's a huge victory to ensure that universities can look after students who find themselves struggling financially. You can read NUS's response to this news here.

As part of this announcement, tuition fees have been frozen at £9,250 for UK students for two years, and maintenance loans will increase by 2.8% for the 2023/24 academic year, a real-terms cut of 7.9% (the current rate of inflation is 10.7%).

If you are struggling financially, please reach out to our Advice team or find out more about the University's hardship fund.


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