No Cops on Campus: Where do we go from here?

In October, your Sabbatical Officers were made aware of plain-clothes Metropolitan Police Community Support Officers being at the UAL Safe and Secure workshops. During this time, we continued to speak to UAL about this issue.  

Nearly immediately after our statement, we received a lot of messages, comments, and emails from students who were upset and concerned about the situation. Additionally, we received messages from concerned staff who were worried on behalf of their students.

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who raised their concerns with us. Due to the response UAL received following this announcement, they made the decision to withdraw the Metropolitan Police presence on campuses.

Whilst this is a win, the work is not yet complete.

UAL informed us that they will “continue to work with the police to support the safety and security of our students”.

Ways you can continue to get involved with this issue include:

  • Signing the petition: this petition is to show UAL that students are upset about this and will help support our campaign.

  • We’ll also be taking the signed petition and an Idea* (policy) to the Annual Members' Meeting for discussion and develop the next steps.

* We have implemented a new digital system for students to propose new policy and campaign suggestions. You can find more information here.

What we’re continuing to do:

Your Sabbatical Officers are working to create alternative safety guides, information, and workshops. If you would like to get involved around this project, please email


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