Officer Legacy: Yasmeen

Our outgoing Campaigns Officer, Yasmeen, shares the highlights of her year in office.

A photo of Yasmeen, who is wearing a white shirt, a necklace, hoop earrings, and pink sunglasses, st

I never thought I’d struggle so much trying to write something to summarise my year at Arts SU, but as we all know, this last 18 months has been vastly different to any other. I want to acknowledge firstly how patient and resilient all the students and staff have been this year and last.  

I can’t possibly write this without acknowledging, thanking, and celebrating my wonderful team. Pinky, Eleanor, and Dylan have been a fundamental part of my ‘new normal’. Vibrant, smart, and true allies. What we have achieved as team and the boundaries we have pushed have shaped Arts SU permanently. I couldn’t think of a better team to challenge the system with. 

There have been wins and losses within all these areas, but none of these conversations would have been possible without the fire that lives within your belly and the student voice. It is the same fire that your next team of Sabbatical Officers have, and I trust that they will keep fighting, with fresh perspectives, witty comebacks, and amazing results. UAL - watch out. 

Big Love, 

Yaz xox 
@yazzbaz | @yasmeenthantrey