UPDATE: Max capacity reached

Thank you so much to those who joined us in the Tester Sessions! We have currently reched maximum capacity within our society, but we will make sure to update our page when new places become available, so stay tuned! Also, if you are a DM and interested in having your own campaign, please send us an email!

Role Playing Game Society

We are a group of adventurers of all levels and experiences, playing tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons. You can join us for character creation sessions, One-Shot adventures, or join a campaign to create and develop your character through an other-worldly experience.


Planned Events/Activities

Character creation sessions will happen once a term (attendance is strongly encouraged for beginners). D&D sessions take place once a week, depending on each group's schedule.

There will additionally be (Once the pandemic is over) society trips and in-person activities.


Contact Details

Instagram: @UAL_RPG

Society email: ualrpgsociety@gmail.com

President: a.placintescu0220201@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: t.ponizovskaya0420201@arts.ac.uk


No elections are currently running