About Us
Welcome to the world of the philosophy-lovers from UAL! We want to create a space of thought and ideas, of knowledge and learning within UAL but also in wider contexts.This society is open to all and no prior experience is needed (although if you are well versed in philosophy we have some great events for you too!)

Events you can look forward to this year will be:

- Debates and formal meets where we discuss philosophical questions and ideas

- Informal meets where we discuss philosophical concepts in a more casual environment

- Trips to Galleries, Exhibitions, Talks and Movie screenings- with discussions afterwards about the material and philosophical ideas which came up

- Possibly a zine on philosophy and the arts towards the end of the year


Contact details:

E-mail: ualphilosophysociety@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ualphilosophysociety/


Email President: oriana.anthony20@hotmail.com

Email Vice-President: Hannah  

Email Social-Media Officer: Cecily

Email Treasurer: Zoe 





No elections are currently running