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The Scarves society provides its members with an interesting dialogue, events, conversations and exploration of the enduring fashion accessory for hundreds of years, ranging from humble bandannas to luxurious silks.  


It’s a social platform for students across UAL and external members to connect through various events, visits and social gatherings. As a member, you will gain access to a wide range of society activities, all of which explore the scarf on different parameters across fashion, film, music, exhibitions, art and books.  

The society has a focus on cultural practices, modern take across different mediums (film, music, art) and the different forms of creating it, looking at sustainability and ethical labour. This allows members to engage in critical inquiry and theories. We believe in opening up conversations about the scarf in connection to art, culture and the environment. We will be arranging talks from textile experts, scarves specialists from different brands, visits to boutiques and potentially in the coming year arrange a visit to Lake Como, the home of silk scarves. We are also arranging a workshop where members can create their own scarf using art mediums and haberdasheries.  

If you're a curious person who is interested in being part of a society you can shape with your engagement and interests, we look forward to seeing you! 


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Instagram: @ual.scarfsociety 





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