About Us

The first UAL's Filmmaking Society has finally landed and it's ready to create a space for filmmakers, aspiring filmmakers, or just people that are passionate and want to know more about this world! The first event is open to everyone who thinks this may be for them and want to ask questions about what we plan to do and what are our goals for this and the next year, it will be an occasion to socialize and do networking. After that we will plan more specific session; from socials to workshops and members screenings!

We aim to schedule hands-on workshops led by professionals for those who are yet to familiarise with the practical aspects of filmmaking and a platform to share your projects in front of a diverse audience for those who are already making their own stuff!  


Feel free to get in touch with any of us if you have questions or just wanna know more!


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Official Committees

President: Filippo Ginestroni (f.ginestroni0220211@arts.ac.uk)

Vice President & Treasurer: Beatrice Borrello (m.borrello0220201@arts.ac.uk)

Society Coordinator & Manager: Michael Thompson (m.thompson0220211@arts.ac.uk)

General Officer & Social Media Manager: Alise-Jean Anderson (a.anderson1120191@arts.ac.uk)

Events Manager: Yilun Shan (y.shan0520201@arts.ac.uk) 




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