A pink unicorn stands clapping on a field of grass with spectators behind a fence.

Madeleine Boyd


Olympic Skeet Shooting


Graphic and Media Design


London College of Communication

How did you first get involved in your sport?

I got involved in clay shooting through my dad, who had started going as a hobby. I was curious enough to start joining local competitions, just small friendly shoots at the time as a weekend out. A few years later the British organising body was launching an initiative to get young people involved in the Olympic disciplines and I kept going from there. This year I have joined the Canadian national team and am looking forward to the new 2023 season with them!

What is a typical week for you?

During a typical week during our competitive season - which starts in the spring and usually finishes mid-autumn - I will be on range 2-3 times a week which makes up the majority of my training, as well as going to the gym in between to keep up a general level of fitness as well as to burn off extra energy for a clear head when I am at the range.

What are your greatest sporting achievements?

I am really proud to be a 4-time Canadian national champion, and to now be able to compete internationally for them. I am also proud to have been named to the England skeet team for the past two years. Previously I have won the Women’s category of the English Grand Prix as well as winning the title for Southeast of England, both of which are big personal highlights.

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