A pink unicorn stands clapping on a field of grass with spectators behind a fence.

Lucy Knott


Beach Volleyball


Fashion Sportswear


London College of Fashion


How did you first get involved in your sport?

I started playing volleyball in 2015, where I took part in a beach volleyball camp when I was 12 years old and fell in love with the sport. I then started playing indoor volleyball for 7 years where I competed internationally representing England in the U17 squad, U19 Squad and senior squad, however 2 years ago I transferred back to beach volleyball and am focusing solely on beach volleyball with intentions of playing in the beach volleyball international pro tour.

What is a typical week for you?

I train beach volleyball twice a week throughout off-season and two-three times a week during season (may-September) at Crystal Palace, I follow a specific volleyball tailored gym plan which increases my strength, vertical jump, agility, speed and endurance. I go to the gym 4 days a week around training uni and other commitments. In addition, I coach beach volleyball to juniors twice a week, as well as travelling to sandbanks beach one / two weekends a month to train with athletes from Poole at the beach. Other than my training and gym, my weeks are generally spent studying for uni, completing coursework, travelling, coaching juniors and socialising.

What are your greatest sporting achievements?

I competed internationally for the England Junior and Senior National teams, competing against Russia and Italy. I have won the U18 national indoor championships with my old team Richmond Volleyball. This season, I qualified to compete in the UK grand slams and have international intentions this summer to compete in U20 and U22 International beach competitions.