Arts SU Sabbatical Officer Statement October 2020

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We have acknowledged the appointment of James Purnell as the new Vice Chancellor of UAL. As a Students’ Union we understand the importance of working in collaboration with James to continue working on our priorities and vision for UAL.  

We can confirm that all four student officers have been involved in the recruitment process at various stages but would like to make it known that we have approached the Court of Governors and Search Committee to voice our concerns regarding the process for recruitment.  

In a time when UAL is claiming a strong commitment to equality and diversity, it is important now more than ever to ensure that fair processes are being used to recruit the senior leaders of the institution.  

Therefore, Arts Students' Union has called for an external, independent investigation into the Vice Chancellor recruitment process. The Union has been informed that the University will work with us and an external specialist on this work. 

We will continue to voice concerns where necessary in order to continuously work towards equality, diversity and inclusion at UAL and to ensure the best outcomes for our students. 


Your 20/21 Sabbatical Officer Team