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Black History Month Support

Resources for any student who needs support during BHM and beyond



Arts SU is committed to making Black History Month a joyous, positive celebration of Black history, culture and achievement in all its forms.

However, we also know that this can sometimes spark difficult thoughts, feelings and conversations about some of the trauma and sacrifice that is an inherent component of Black History in the UK and around the world.

If we’re honest, we also have to acknowledge it can bring out the worst in certain people (or just the worst people), who feel the need to troll or air abhorrent views to alleviate the threat they inexplicably feel from a celebration of Black history and contributions.

If any of the above has impacted you or your mental health and wellbeing, then please check out the resources below that may be of help – especially the ways in which you can report bullying or harassment of any kind. It’s never ok.


UAL Support

Arts SU Advice – if you’re not sure who to speak to, speak to us. We will always do our best to tell you what options you have and put you in touch with the support you need.

Tell Someone - Report and Support - There is no place for racism, bullying, harassment or sexual violence at UAL. Use our Tell Someone form to report incidents and get support.

UAL Wellbeing – A wide range of different ideas and guidance to help you improve and maintain your wellbeing

UAL Health Advice and Mental Health/Counselling Services – Direct help and support when you need it

UAL also have lots of external support info on the Counselling and Health Advice pages -


External Resources and Support for BHM

Black Minds Matter UK - Charity offering free mental health and therapy  

Student Minds - Student Mental Health Charity

Black Trans Foundation - Black Trans-led non-profit org offering free therapy to Black trans & nonbinary people aged 16+ Instagram: @blacktransfoundation

The Black Wellbeing Collective - Mental health and wellbeing service that prioritises the lived experiences of the Black community to heal from racial trauma, racial bias, racism and discrimination. They centre on Black joy, Black healing & community support.

The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network - On here you can find a directory of councillors, psychotherapists, and psychologists in the UK. Also includes directory of aromatherapists, coaches, herbalists, osteopaths and yoga therapists.

Black Girl Fest – building projects to help create a better future- lots of support for black female artists and creatives

Black Mens Health – Help, support and advocacy for anyone who identifies as a black male


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