Metro Imaging Mentorship Experience

We caught up with Rosie Haynes, a 2020 Central Saint Martins graduate to hear about her experiences of the mentorship with Metro Imaging’s Creative Director Steve Macleod.

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The Made in Arts London x Metro Imaging Mentorship Programme is back for 2022!

We’re very excited to announce the Metro Imaging Mentorship programme is back for it’s seventh consecutive year.

Running from March 2022 – February 2023, Metro Imaging are offering one final year student studying at University of Arts London tailored support and advice during the last crucial few months study, degree show and then the vitally important first few months as a graduate. Alongside this mentorship, the winning student will also become a Made in Arts London artist, with the opportunity to showcase their work online at as well as Made in Arts London events and exhibitions throughout the year.

We caught up with Rosie Haynes, a 2020 Central Saint Martins graduate to hear about her experiences of the mentorship with Metro Imaging’s Creative Director Steve Macleod...

I was lucky enough to be selected for the 2020 intake of Metro’s Mentorship Award, after applying during the final year of my BA Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins. I would really encourage everyone to apply, as I was unsure if my practice would fit within the umbrella of ‘photography’, but the spectrum considered for selection is very broad.

The mentorship has been a really positive experience for me. It’s something that is shaped and driven by you as an individual. It’s hugely beneficial to have Steve, my mentor’s insight. As someone who was the first in their family to go to university, and who has to navigate balancing mental illness and neurodivergence with sustaining a practice, it’s invaluable to have someone who knows far more about the industry and maintaining your artistic practice long-term. Bridging the transition between final year and post-graduation, the mentorship really helped to figure out what my practice looks like trying to balance day-to-day work and my artwork.

A colourful photo collage of a woman out stretching her arm, a piece of fabric is draped over it and the image almost glitches repeating itself and blending into the background yellow and green toned background.‘Technicolour Kalediscope’ (one of 3), Rosie Haynes, 2021.

At times where I’ve needed more input and hands on advice, it’s been there when I needed it, both for my practice and for the commercial and professional side of things. It doesn’t put any extra pressure on you, it’s there as and when you need it, with the full understanding of other commitments.

My practice has evolved and shifted over the course of the mentorship, with the mentorship helping me to make the most of opportunities that I’ve been involved in. From helping to establish a more polished online presence with setting up a website to giving practical advice for a recent solo exhibition at a local gallery, it’s helped to explore the transition from the academic focus of my degree to the hands-on experience of showing work. This was especially helpful having not had a degree show due to Covid19, so graduating without that same level of practice that most have. 


'Forms‘- Rosie Haynes, at Rugby Gallery, December 2021.

Also, with regards to what a practice looks like part-time, rather than having the intensity of the degree course, it’s been reassuring to see and hear from other artists, not just my mentor but also their contacts, about the reality of maintaining your artistic practice alongside other ventures. Accepting that there will be periods where it is harder to engage with new ideas or create new work, and allowing yourself time to breathe has been crucial in not succumbing to artistic burnout, especially trying to sustain a creative full-time job simultaneously.

All in all, the mentorship provides a sense of stability, an anchor for your practice while you try and establish a new relationship to your work in a new context. After graduation, moving back to the Midlands and out of London, the mentorship has been vital in helping me still feel connected to the art world, London-centric as it is, and in feeling that there are more opportunities to come, and that while there are, there is support to make the most of them while I need it. See more of Rosie’s work in our online shop, Made in Arts London or visit her website to see where her work is on display. 





‘The Face’, Rosie Haynes, 2021.

To apply you must currently be studying in your final year at University of the Arts London, graduating in 2022. The selected mentee will be someone who exhibits potential within their current practice but would greatly benefit from this one-to- one support. It is not essential for you to use photography as your main practice, but the photography medium must be a strong feature within your work.

The selected student will receive:

  • A twelve month bespoke mentorship
  • £500 credit to be used against Metro Imaging in-house services
  • One to one mentorship including PPD; technical advice; networking opportunities and industry insight
  • In-lab tutorials experience with various production departments (this will be subject to change due to C-19 laws and may move to online only sessions with technicians and printers)
  • Portfolio and practice reviews and advice
  • Curatorial advice in shaping their final degree show
  • Opportunities to be involved in Metro instigated exhibitions and lectures
  • Introductions to Metro Imaging partners such as BSAA; Shutter Hub and Life Framer
  • Made in Arts London Artist membership with a two year contract

Once the deadline has past all applications received will be reviewed. A shortlist will then be compiled from these submissions; students selected for the shortlist will be invited to meet with the panel to discuss their work further, who will then select a winner. If you are shortlisted for this opportunity you must be available for a video call via Zoom meeting on the following date: Friday 11th March 2022.

On this year’s panel is Steve Macleod, Creative Director at Metro Imaging, Photographer and Visiting Professor at UOS East Anglia and Syahadah Shahril, a recent graduate in MSc Cosmetic Science, London College of Fashion and the current Campaigns Officer at Arts Students’ Union.

Previous winners have been Esther Gabrielle Kersley and Quetzal MaucciRosie HaynesSophia WöhlekeNathaniel WhiteFrederic Anderson and Giulia Cacciuttolo.

Apply Now!

Deadline for applications is midnight on Tuesday 1st March 2022