Sports Clubs End of Season Roundup

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And what a year it’s been! The 21/22 season marked the beginning of getting back to a ‘normal’ which meant that we could finally get back to playing fixtures!


We had teams competing in all types of different sports in both LUSL and BUCS.

In BUCS we had Mixed Equestrian who placed 3rd, Men’s Football 1st who placed 3rd, Women’s Football who placed 5th, and Netball 2nds who placed 3rd.

A special congratulations to our Women’s Hockey, Women’s Volleyball and Netball 1st who all won their leagues!

In LUSL we had Mixed Badminton who placed 3rd, Men’s Basketball who placed 4th, and Netball 3rd who placed 6th.

A special congratulations to Mixed Volleyball who won their league almost undefeated - winning 9 out of 10 fixtures!



Well done to Mixed Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball and Women’s Netball who all made it to the cup finals!


Mixed Volleyball had their cup final on the same day as Varsity and had to split their energy between the two events, but still managed to fight hard and take home the silver medals in the LUSL Cup Final!

Women’s Volleyball have been smashing it all year with only 1 loss in their league! They put in great effort and ending up winning silver medals in the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup!

Women’s Netball have likewise been having a really good season and finished it with silver medals in the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup!


Well done to all of our clubs and their teams on an amazing season (including a varsity win over Goldsmiths). We look forward to seeing how everyone gets on next year!


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