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Daniela Commey

The Union Affairs Officer develops Arts Students' Union activities, facilities and services, working to ensure they are accessible for all students.
Daniela Commey

About me

I am Daniela, your Union Affairs Officer 2023/24! 

During my time at University, I studied Fine Art! I decided to stand for this position because I am passionate about addressing the cost of living crisis and its impact on the student experience. As the typical art student, I witnessed firsthand the financial struggles many of us face, which often hinder our ability to fully engage in our studies and enjoy our time at university.

Let’s be honest… affordable living should not be a luxury, but a right for all students. By raising our concerns, we can bring about the necessary reforms and initiatives that will alleviate the burden and ensure that you have the freedom to focus on what truly matters—your education, your experience, your passions and personal growth. 

What I've been working on