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About Showcase Selects

Unleash your DJ potential with Showcase Selects, UAL's one and only DJ and Electronic Music Society.


Who We Are:

A space for students to learn how to produce and mix tunes and improve their performance skills.

A space to showcase the best new DJs in UAL.

A space to grow friendships with fellow music lovers.

Our aim is to deliver Instructive classes, and practice sessions. To bring insightful talks from artists in, and around the industry. And, to throw intimate and inimitable parties across London.

Whether you're a bedroom DJ or a causal music lover, we have a welcoming community focused around one thing. Music. So why not bring yours?

Join today for £10 for the year to access UAL's premiere dance music community.


What a Membership to Showcase Selects Gets You

DJ Lessons: Unlock your potential with our resident DJ instructors. Regular lessons will teach you the art of mixing, beatmatching, and more. No experience required; all skill levels are welcome!

Music Production Sessions: Want to play your own tracks but not sure how to start? Our seasoned producers will guide you through the process, from inception to production. Learn how to mix and master your beats, tracks and remixes.

Social Activities Across London Bars: We want to create a tight-knit social community of music lovers, so part of our mission is regular meet-ups to chat music, student life and make friends for life.

Opportunities to DJ at London's Premier Clubs: Showcase your skills at renowned London clubs and captivate the audience with your beats. Elevate your DJing career with incredible exposure, not just with us but across the London scene. We regularly have our DJs play with London promoters such as Unity Sound and Midway Group. Our DJs have played at hot London clubs such as Dalston Den, Corsica Studios and E1.

Work with London Promoters: Get the chance to collaborate with top-notch promoters and gain real-world experience in the music industry.

Our Community Whatsapp: Membership adds you to our Showcase Selects chat, where you can chat music, get advice and even find gigs. Our members often share various opportunities with eachother, and our veterans have even gone on to start their own successful brands thanks to our close network. 


Committee Contact Details

  • President - Katie Tynan: @tyeket
  • Vice President - Kat Thomas: @katamine.t // 07804493048
  • Treasurer - Jesse K Wabuge : @prettyb0yblue
  • DJ Teacher - Zawadi Odari 
  • Social Media Sec- Joao Luz
  • Events Sec - : 

Social Media

WhatsApp Group (members only)

WhatsApp Group (constitution only)

Instagram; @showcaseselects




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  • Showcase Selects Standard Membership£10.00