Exhibition & Project Spaces: FAQs

If you're wondering how to submit a proposal to exhibit your work in one of our spaces (Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication or London College of Fashion, High Holborn), it's worth reading through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please contact the relative College Events Coordinator

Central Saint Martins Clara c.kanewhite@su.arts.ac.uk
London College of Communication Annesah a.alharbi@su.arts.ac.uk
London College of Fashion Lewis l.toumazou@su.arts.ac.uk

Where are the gallery spaces?

Central Saint Martins is based on the first floor D1 corridor outside of the Learning and Library Zone. Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA - https://goo.gl/maps/eisQvXSqWnm

London College of Communication is based directly outside of the Darkroom Bar and comes fitted with podium platform seating. London SE1 6SB - https://goo.gl/maps/UEY6QT5e1vS2

London College of Fashion (High Holborn) is based on the ground floor adjacent to The Blueprint Café and next to the Activities Studio. Please be aware that this is not the ‘Not Just a Shop’ window space – which is programmed by UAL’s Careers and Employability Team. 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY - https://goo.gl/maps/yTfjfdVXtXq

When will my booking start?

Your exhibition slot will run for 11 days, Tuesday to the following Friday (inclusive of the weekend). This includes installation and de-installation.

You will need to plan for installation, de-installation and making good of the space within your hire time. It is important that you keep to these times, as the space is often booked back-to-back.

How do I get into the space?

Central Saint Martins - the space is accessible throughout college opening hours as it is an open access space.

LCF, High Holborn - you will need to collect the gallery key from the Creative Opportunities team at the Students' Union on the first floor. You will be asked to hold on to the space key for the for the duration of your booking.

London College of Communication - the space is accessible throughout college opening hours as it is an open access space for students.

When can I access the space?

Installation for all sites: 10am – 6pm

Invigilation: Within the above time you need to decide on how you intend to rota and invigilate the show. For solo shows you may need to state this on any promotional content when you intend to be present.

Can you help with putting up my exhibition?

Unfortunately not, but we are happy to troubleshoot ideas with you during the space induction and at any time leading up to and throughout the booking.

Will you open and close the gallery for me and invigilate?

For basic exhibitions at LCF, High Holborn, we may be able to support this (though this is very much based on staff flexibility and is not a given), with this in mind the work will be left un-invigilated at your own risk. As an example those exhibitions or projects with multiple audio visual requirements will need to be opened and closed by yourself.

Unfortunately, at all other sites (Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication) we don't have the resources for this, so it is your responsibility to open and close the exhibition each day you wish for it to be open. Think about what time you can realistically commit to and set your opening hours accordingly, for example, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

It is highly recommended that you invigilate the space at busy times like lunchtime, and at the beginning and end of the day.

Hosting events / having a Private View?

Yes. Each site is different so please take note of the below:

Please be aware that no food is to be consumed at any event in our spaces at UAL

Central Saint Martins

Internal Private View

This is an Exhibition and Private View only open to UAL Staff and Students.

  • A member of the Arts SU team will need to be present to oversee your event (subject to staff availability)
  • Alcohol Service is permitted for the PV and can be purchased from any supplier.

External Private View

This is a Private View open to external attendees (non-UAL attendance as well as UAL student and staff attendance), with the rest of the exhibition period only open to UAL Staff and Students.

Serving alcohol in the space and space management at the private view

Due to Camden council licening laws you must adhere to the below if intending to provide alcohol:

  • A member of the Arts SU team will need to be present to Event Manage your event (subject to staff availability)
  • You need to book support from their Security team. The cost of this individual is approx. £100 for a 5 hour minimum shift (Arts SU does not have the budget to fund this).
  • If you are providing alcohol for a PV with external attendees, due to the Building License and UK Laws on Alcohol Service, a member of CSM Hospitality Team is required to serve alcohol - at present no one in the SU has the licence for this work.

CSM Hospitality provides two alcohol purchasinng options:

  • Source and provide alcohol yourself - You will be required to cover the costs of staffing and Bar Axillaries, and this would be approx. £75 for a term time PV with standard hours.
  • Order Alcohol – You can order through CSM Hospitality, for the staffing and bar axillaries to be included there is a minimum spend of approx. £200 (to be agreed with the Platform Bar).

Arts SU unfortunately does not have the budget to fund any of the additional required costs for serving alcohol at exhibitions.

If you don’t have budget - but would like a drink after your private view why don’t you reserve a table in the Platform Bar and bring your friends there for a drink.

Contact hospitality@csm.arts.ac.uk to reserve a table or two (subject to other bookings).

Guestlist Management

  • You will also need to create a rota for someone (a UAL student) to sit at the crossing registering attendees and directing them to the space.

Age restrictions

There may be occasions when due to content of an Exhibition the CSM Events Team will advise extra staffing or age restrictions are put in place for private views.

Please make CSM Events Team aware if children or young people are expected to attend a Private View.

London College of Fashion (High Holborn) 

Serving alcohol in the space and space management

  • Please discuss alcohol provisions with our Commercial Manager Lidiya Ivanova who can be reached on l.ivanova@su.arts.ac.uk 
  • Arts SU staff do not have to be present for your event - but we ask that you are respectful, keep the event tidy and clear and clean up afterwards

Guestlist Management

  • If inviting any external guests (non-UAL students) you are required to provide a guest list 24 hours in advance which we may give to our Reception Team so that they can check poeple on arrival.
  • If you are only inviting UAL students you do not need to provide a guest list.

London College of Communication

  • Information regarding LCC college specific approach published shortly - please check back soon and / or contact Sophie Risner, Events and Exhibitions Coordinator should you have any questions: s.risner@su.arts.ac.uk

What does 'making good of the space' mean?

Making good of the space means removing all work and rubbish from the space, removing nails / screws from the walls, filling any large holes in the wall and repainting the space if necessary.

Arts SU will provide any paint etc needed to make good of the space. Please make sure you discuss your requirements with the College Events Coordinator

Other things you need to know or consider?

Consider submitting a group exhibition proposal so you can share the responsibilities of installation and invigilation.

Anything left in the space at the end of your hire will be disposed of within a week of the exhibition coming down (as per the Terms and Conditions)

Work left is at your own risk and will not be insured.

What do you need from me?

Information: At the point of application, we need as much information as possible including who is involved and how many people will be exhibiting. Please also take note that there is a space to upload images towards the end of the online application form.

Risk Assessment: You will be expected to complete a Risk Assessment and return this to the College Events Coordinator no later than two weeks before your exhibition slot starts. Hardcopies will be given to you in the information session.

Promotional material: If you supply us with a .jpeg version of your exhibition poster / flyer then we may be able to circulate this via the Arts SU social media channels and update onto the Arts SU ‘Whats on’ page staff resource permitting.

This will be needed no later than two weeks before your exhibition slot starts. You are responsible for all other promotion. Info on previous student-led exhibitions can be viewed here.