Candidate for the position of School Rep: CCW ¦ Art

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Ellie Shepherdson

Be heard. You’re paying! This is your experience; Demand more.

Hi, I am Ellie Shepherdson, I am an artist and an academic, currently studying MA Curating and Collections at Chelsea College. I’m a Northern girl with a determination to impact academic study. I am a Pro complainer! I am a Representative for my course at UAL and held this role throughout my 3 years at MMU studying BA Fine Art and Curating. 

Art is critical to our understanding of society, so I know how important it is to have what you need to contribute to it and be heard. 

I hope to represent CCW Colleges with my experience and confidence to ask for what we need and bring up any concerns you have regarding your studies, wellbeing, and experience while at UAL. The people who have the best knowledge to improve UAL is you - The student body. 


If I am elected, I will;

  1. Prioritise YOU – Each and every one of you will be able to contact me for advice, ideas and concerns, and I WILL listen. I WILL do everything I can to help you because you deserve to be heard.
  2. Prioritise your EXPERIENCE – Your education is why you are here. Why shouldn’t you receive the best teaching here at UAL, the second-best in the world for Art? Let’s make it better together. 
  3. Prioritise your WELLBEING- The pandemic has been critical to furthering our understanding of the importance of our mental health. I know how important this is when coping with the immense pressures of studying. I want to advocate for more help, more accessible help and awareness of mental health. Let’s put all well-being at the forefront of importance.

I would be honoured to represent you through the coming year and positively impact your experience while at UAL. 

Thank you, 

Ellie Shepherdson :)