Candidate for the position of School Rep: CSM ¦ C&E, GCD, Spatial Practices

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Zainab Goriawala

Student voice matters!


Hello, my name is Zainab Goriawala (she/her) and I am a first-year BA Graphic Communication Design student at Central Saint Martins.  

Despite it being my first year I have taken great interest in voicing and improving the student's experience at UAL. As I am 

  • a course rep
  • part of my course's Anti-racism working group 
  • and help found the Mature Students Society (I am currently the treasurer) 

I am easy to talk to and always ensure that students' feedback is anonymized and is told to the staff as accurately as possible. I am well organized and take accountability for my work.

If I am elected as the School rep for C&E, GCD, Spatial Practices I will focus on

  • Creative opportunities 

I do realise being an international student myself, networking and getting creative paid work is difficult. I would lobby for an increment in the opportunities for internships and more discussions with industry professionals

  • Improving communication about events to students  

I can completely relate to the idea of drowning in emails. More often than not students end up missing information about opportunities/events that they are genuinely interested in. Improving student communication would definitely be one of my priorities. 

  • Inclusive and accessible environment for students 

ALL Students should feel that they are a part of UAL's dynamic creative community!