Candidate for the position of Central Saint Martins' Officer

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Valentina Stabile

Arts and Culture will guide the World!

Hi, I’m Valentina (she/her), studying at UAL arts and cultural enterprises.
I advocate for sustainability in arts, design and cultural practices.
I want arts to stand with IT, science and politics in the international dialogue.

UAL  is our greatest gallery, workspace and community.
This year my priority will be to sustain the dialogue within UAL colleges to teamwork to sustain arts, design and culture as pillars for sustainability.

I want to work on different aspects of sustainability:


Enabling UAL cross-culture communities to find spaces and fundings to work and stand towards social injustice.
•  Support campaigns and exhibitions for resolution of conflicts, freedom of expression and peace.
•  Standing for cultural diversity and equality of genders and races by developing crucial policies and dialogues.

Be a worldwide example of sustainable creative practices.
•  Challenging academics and students to adopt sustainable methods to enrich their practices and curriculum.
•  Develop a UAL portfolio of sustainable projects, materials and practices to share knowledge


Incentivise collaborative economies and equal opportunities for all students.
•  Encourage UAL to actively collaborate with cross universities and sectors to influence and be contaminated by diverse scenarios.
•  Find equitable solutions for UK and International students to work or freelance while studying at UAL.

Voting opens March 7-11  |    ask me more IG @valentinabile