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A Love Letter

As part of the Arts SU LGBTQIA+ Exhibition, three selected UAL students and artists, Poppy Jasmine Hawkes, Leonidas Liolios and Georgia Vincent, will host an interactive event celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month.

Date Friday 25 February 2022

Time 2pm - 6pm

Location CSM Window Galleries



As part of the Arts SU LGBTQIA+ Exhibition, three selected UAL students and artists, Poppy Jasmine Hawkes, Leonidas Liolios and Georgia Vincent, will host an interactive event celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month.  

Join us as we open up conversations with these artists about their practice and being a part of the UAL LGBTQIA+ community. 

This open event invites UAL students, staff and the general public to create a safe space for conversation, a chance to listen and learn, or gain a new perspective. All are welcome to respectfully join the conversation. It is up to you how little or how much time you wish to spend in the space. 


Poppy Jasmine Hawkes - Strap 

Created by CSM Fashion Journalism student Poppy Jasmine Hawkes, Strap is a love letter to lesbian style. A zine dedicated to exploring and celebrating lesbian fashion, showcasing the excellence of lesbian and Queer talent within the arts. Find interviews from lesbian fashion designers such as Georgia Fallon of Dykesport, Arts students, and lesbian fashion historians, including award-winning writer Diana Souhami and Ellie Medhurst of Dressing Dykes. 


Leonidas Liolios - Coming Out 

Coming Out is a 25-pages-long publication mapping Leonidas’ experience of homosexuality with every page representing each year of his life. From being bullied, to coming out, and eventually celebrating his homosexuality in the army, the publication invites people to follow his journey and contribute to LGBTQI+ causes in hope that things will be better for future generations of queer folk around the globe. 


Georgia Vincent - Pleasure inQueery: Life's Queer Tapestry 

Life's Queer Tapestry is a culmination of The Pleasure inQueery Project, which has been examining and querying human relationships to pleasure under patriarchal extractivist capitalist systems, through a queer ecological lense. 

Come and participate in Life’s Queer Tapestry – an ongoing co-created tapestry inviting everyone to identify and craft an image that represents their own unique queer ecology, while discussing pathways to pleasure, and pleasure as activism under extractivist capitalism. During the session each participant will create a fabric tile that will become a part of Life’s Queer Tapestry; a growing woven storyboard for you to share in and on. No previous crafting skills or materials necessary. 


Some of the artists work in the LGBTQIA+ exhibition and event are also available for purchase for a limited time only through Made in Arts London. This e-commerce initiative is run through the Arts SU to support students in developing their skills and knowledge in becoming a professional creative. 100% of the commission from each sale will go directly to the student.  

Please visit madeinartslondon.com to support these emerging artists! 


Arts SU and UAL are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors. To ensure your peace of mind, our events have a limited capacity in line with COVID-19 regulations.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or are displaying any COVID symptoms. 

We ask all staff, students and visitors to please wear a face-covering unless otherwise exempt when inside our buildings and to follow social distancing guidance to make the experience safe and enjoyable for all. 

Image credit © Poppy Jasmine Hawkes