Join Arts SU as we continue International Womens Day across the month, exploring the   experiences of women in the creative industries. Our speakers for the event include:

 Sandra Fearon has more than 20 years experience in the Fashion, Luxury and Media industries worked for renown brands. These include Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, MTV, Elle Magazine, Dolce and Gabbana and Jimmy Choo. She is a Unit Pathway Leader in Fashion Business and Mentor at UAL. 

 Rose Schmits is a pottery technician who has appeared on The Great Pottery Throw Down. Rose uses her ceramic practice as a way to explore her identity as a trans woman from Delft, the Netherlands, using the Delftware pottery technique to create pieces that reflect her experiences as a trans person.

 Heleena Mistry is a South Asian tattoo artist based in Leicester. She specialises in tattoos inspired by traditional South Asian folk art. 

 Rachelle Cox is a visual artist from the North East of England, based in London. Through the lens of her own lived experinces as a queer, working class woman, Cox aims to make space for accessible education and queer visibility for the viewer through satire and ignorant style. She works closely with photography, painting, and digital media. 

The panel will run for approximately 1 hour, with 30 minutes for Q&A.

If you have any access requirements, please get in touch prior to the event with a.rawat@su.arts.ac.uk