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Ethics of Facial Recognition

Join Yoke Collective for a workshop exploring facial recognition, counter surveillance strategies and discussion!

Date Wednesday 05 May 2021

Time 3pm - 4pm

Location Zoom


Join Yoke Collective for a workshop exploring facial recognition, counter surveillance strategies and discussion. Using materials found around the home and beyond, Yoke will teach you how to create a disguise using CV Dazzle to hide your biometric data from the camera's gaze. The session will open up discussion around surveillance in the UK, the future of fashion and identity. 

Suggested materials in your home to use during the workshop:

  • Face paint
  • Food packaging
  • Wigs and hair extensions
  • Make up
  • Headbands, hair clips, hairbands and elastic bands
  • Old clothes to be cut up or moulded
  • Old sunglasses that can be tinkered with
  • Various tapes and stickers
  • Coloured paper and card
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Household products: e.g shaving foam, vegemite and nutella
  • Stapler, clips and scissors
  • Any other items you might feel are useful!
  • Adhesives: double-sided tape, honey, sugar glue, eyelash glue, washable pritt stick
  • Tools for applying: brushes and spreaders

Yoke Collective is the artistic and curatorial partnership between Georgina Rowlands and Emily Roderick. Yokeworks with collaborative research exploring cyber-politics, examining increasingly intrusive surveillance systems, exploring how these are questioned against cyber-feminist theory, to challenge the positioning of the female body within the algorithms of facial and full body-recognition. Yoke is also part of The Dazzle Club which explores surveillance in public spaces, and holds a regular public walking event in protest of live facial recognition police cameras in London.

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Image credit Hydar-Dewachi


Imade credit Hydar-Dewachi

Image credit Hydar-Dewachi