Vis Soc is excited to share a free event open to anyone!

A must see talk and Q&A with incredible Graphic Designer and 3D artist Vasjen Katro. The Tirana, Albania based visual designer had started the project with the goal to create one poster a day for one year. After finishing one year without missing a single day, Vasjen has decided to continue the project for another year. Vasjen Katro masterfully combines simple graphic shapes with 3D objects and a vivid range of colors. On his website, you can find several tutorials to learn how to do those graphics. We will talk to him about his process and what he uses to create his masterful creations. Come join for a relaxed session to help you in your own creative journey! Ask questions to a real creator if you're unsure about anything in your own practise, and help inform yourself on what works and doesn't work for a successful artist career. 

Someone who loves to design. i just can't stop creating stuff.

Check out his a poster a day instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/baugasm/  or his stunning Behance portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/katro16

This event is for anyone interested in 3D design and graphic design. Come along no matter what course you do, you will learn useful tips about creative practise either way!

The talk is free to all. However, make sure you buy  a membership for only £5 to access every upcoming event and workshops we have planned.

The event will be held on Google Meets on Wednesday 19th May at 12:30pm at this link: https://meet.google.com/hpv-gmfc-fsx, so we look forward to seeing you then! Members will get access to the event recording and any useful slides that are shared.