We will be hosting the workshop on Wednesday from 3:00-5:00pm at the Camberwell College of Arts graphic design studios in room A303. Detailed instructions on how to find us will be emailed out to those who have a ticket. Please remember to book at ticket so we can keep an eye on numbers!

In this session we will be teaching you how to reuse old paper to make brand new sheets of paper. We will be providing the deckles to make new sheets and pre prepared pulp due to the timescales of making paper. Please bring yourselves, and if you have a hairdryer please bring that too as it will enable you to bring your paper home same day, otherwise you will have to wait for it to dry over a week. You can also bring dried flowers or dyes to experiment on the type of paper you produce.

This event is free for members and will be for members only - so be sure to buy your membership!

Any questions, email Katie at k.cray0120201@arts.ac.uk or send us a message on our Instagram @vis.ualsociety