EXACT TIMING TBC!!! This is an estimate

Amazing opportunity to get a half day of ceramics, with proper tutoring. For complete beginners to any level!

  • You will get 4.5 hours, 2 tutored hours on the wheel and 2 tutored hours hand-building.
  • There are at least two experienced teachers per session.
  • All materials and firing costs are included in this price! - The Kiln Rooms team will prep and glaze your pieces with clear glaze, and you will have access to a few coloured slips to decorate your pieces.
  • Generally you will be leaving the session with 3-4 pieces made - which will be ready to collect in 3-4 weeks!
  • The price for our introductory session is £53 (we have applied for a grant on-top of subsidising the tickets! These sessions would normally cost: £95 per person!)
  • We need 10 people for this session to go forwards - if we don't hit this (unlikely) - you will get a full refund :)

Cancellation policy: 72 hours notice before the start date for external sessions (such as this). Refunds are dependent on someone purchasing your ticket, either from you directly, or through us! If someone is taking your ticket directly: they have to be a member of ceramics society and you need to let us know in advance - if we don’t update the company, they will not be allowed in in your place. You cannot exchange / request a partial refund. Please see full session cancellation policy on our info hub. Thank you!