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UAL’s IDEATE Society aims to remove any degree of separation between students. Year and course differences will be put aside for society meetings, events, and workshops, allowing rich discussion amongst students. From simply chatting about a subject to acting upon our thoughts, IDEATE will attempt to find common ground on particular interests. We will work together to see them through; whether this be a performance that everyone is keen to see, film nights, art workshops, and professional/personal development. IDEATE meetings will take place fortnightly, and will be treated as an open seminar where group/public speaking is encouraged.

Each session, a topic, voted for by society members through social media, will be the forefront of each discussion. We’re concerned with what all creatives care about, not just our committee. We value the opinions of each member! These discussions will flow in whatever direction its members take it, allowing for ideas to branch out into projects that we can create together. Whether you’re taking on a personal project, or desiring help from others, IDEATE will be there to support future endeavours.  

As a member of the IDEATE Society, you will develop as an individual, in order to collaborate with other likeminded students across London. IDEATE is exclusive to no college, course, or year group at UAL, rather, it is open to all to convey their ideas and discuss them in a friendly, informal setting.


Planned Events/Activities

Disclaimer: the below talks, events, workshops etc. are examples of the first IDEATE activities we will display on social media, to give you a flavour of what we’re about. Society members will vote for what they wish to discuss. Official IDEATE meetings will occur separately to these suggested events/workshops. The meetings themselves will have a more organic approach of natural conversation.


  • Field trips to exhibitions, films, performances will be commonplace and will usually take place outside of society meetings.
  • ‘The Encounter’ is an example of a performance that we may attend. To quote the website: “In 1969, Loren McIntyre, a National Geographic photographer, found himself lost among the people of the remote Javari Valley in Brazil. It was an encounter that was to change his life, bringing the limits of human consciousness into startling focus. Simon McBurney traces McIntyre's journey into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, incorporating innovative technology into his solo performance to build a shifting world of sound.” – The show is on at the Barbican, 14th April – 5th May. We would view the show together and discuss our views, thoughts, and opinions afterwards.



  • Bio-energetics is a meditation therapy far different from sitting in silence for long intervals. Although yoga-like deep breathing is involved, bio-energetics is more of a cathartic exercise, where all energy/emotion is expended through chanting, laughter, dancing, and all round movement of the body. This releases unwanted tension from the body, increasing your energy capacity, and unburdens you with emotions held back by posture.
  • In this workshop, we will discuss bio-energetics’ history, its effectiveness, and how it’s related to mindfulness and confidence boosting.



  • IDEATE will contact Complicité theatre company for a collaboration between the two. Complicité is a well-known performance-based collaborative group, and our interaction as creative groups can spark future possibilities such as performance workshops for those invested in theatre; direction of actors, blocking, choreography, and set/costume design.



  • Guest speakers
  • Discussions on ethics/morality
  • Events outside of UAL, hosted by IDEATE, with potential society collaboration between universities like UCL or King’s etc.
  • The art of comedy
  • Political discourse



Q. What exactly do we discuss in society meetings?

A. Anything that’s on your mind! You can speak your piece to a room of accepting people, because we are a welcoming presence where all discussions are laid bare.

Q. What can I gain from the society?

A. If you’re looking to improve your skills as an artist, collaborator, innovator, public speaker, and all-round creative, IDEATE is the place for you. We discuss an array of topics and act on them as we see fit.

Q. Will this take up a lot of my time?

A. Only as much as you intend on giving. As an open collaborative, you can step in during any discussion/project’s lifespan, because any contribution will be accepted with open arms. There are no mandatory meetings, discussions, workshops, as a member you’re free to come and go.


Contact Details

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Treasurer: Emily Clara Aukland -


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