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An arts community that meets weekly to discuss/crit our works, start projects, and progress ideas. All courses, year groups, and colleges welcome! 

Weekly Wednesday Meet-ups - Peckham Road Lecture Theatre, Camberwell College of Arts, 4-7p.m.

  • If you want to display your artwork, film, sculpture, painting, photography, or performance, we have room for you. If you want to meet new people and discuss your ideas, there's room for you. The space is made by you! An opportunity to receive critical feedback from individuals outside your practice, and to team up with them!
  • These are drop-in sessions, so you don't have to stay for the duration. Come and go as you please!

'EXXHIBIT' Arts Fairs

  • An IDEATE meet-up on a much larger scale. We'll host regular arts fairs at the Wilson Road Lecture Hall, open to the public, where individuals and collectives are invited to exhibit themselves at stalls. There will be a a variety of creative people to learn from, food & drink, and performances etc.
  • Of course, as members, you'll be part of the fair should you wish to exhibit yourselves. The aim of EXXHIBIT is to get creatives to meet other individuals or collectives and learn from their practices, as well as putting on a show!


Further Ideas

  • Guest speakers
  • Discussions on ethics/morality
  • "How-to" workshops
  • Political discourse


Our Philosophy

As students, we are money poor but ideas rich. Ideas are a limitless supply; with the right help, our ideas can be revolutionary. University is a moment in time when we are surrounded by others in the same situation, individuals who can help us to create and develop ideas. Our society aims to nurture the ideas of all individuals and collectives no matter how big or small. IDEATE is a platform for all courses, year groups, and colleges to share ideas, discuss contemporary issues, and make a difference. We will work together to see ideas through by simply chatting and acting on our thoughts. IDEATE meetings will take place weekly. Discussions will flow in whatever direction members decide it should take. By facilitating those who seek help, those who want to be inspired, or those who just want entertaining, meet-ups will always cater to your current situation.



Q. What exactly do we discuss in society meetings?

A. Anything! You can speak your piece to a room of accepting people. We embrace all ideas, whether in discussion or practice.

Q. What can I gain from the society?

A. If you’re looking to improve your skill and practice while meeting new people to help out, IDEATE is the place for you. We discuss an array of topics and act on them as we see fit.

Q. Will this take up a lot of my time?

A. Only as much as you intend on giving. You can step in during any discussion/project’s lifespan, because any contribution will be accepted with open arms. There are no mandatory meetings, as a member you’re free to come and go.


Contact Details

President - Charlie Davison

Treasurer - Emily Aukland


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Terms and conditions

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Please note: by signing up to a UAL society you agree to adhere to the Arts SU's code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable from two weeks after purchase.