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The idea for a Romanian Society at UAL arose from the need to seek a piece of home whilst living in London. The Romanian culture and spirit is something that we bring with us wherever we go, no matter how far. Because of this, we want to provide Romanian students the chance to celebrate their heritage by forming a little community of our own. Whether you are having trouble navigating life in London or feeling homesick, the aim of the Romanian Society is to help this transition and make it easier to meet new people.


Planned events and activities

Brunch get-togethers, parties, screenings of Romanian films, 1st March 'Mărțișor' workshop, art exhibition celebrating Romanian artists in the U.K., cheering on Romania at Eurovision, discussions about how to cope with the move to London.


Committee 2019/20

President - Teodora Serbanescu

Treasurer - Mara Cosleacara


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Terms and conditions

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