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SSSHAKE - meet teammates from other industries

Ready to be part of the next generation of creators? Eager to find like-minded people ready to create projects, share and collaborate? Looking to network, make industry contacts and grow as a creative? If your answer is YES then welcome to the SSShake Society! 

Sharing and exchanging is fundamental to grow as a creative. Collaborations are essential to make the most out of the university experience and SSShake society believes students should be able to connect more easily between the different campuses. We want to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations between UAL students but also between graduates and young creatives from all industries. How can we help UAL shape the future of creative collaborations in an increasingly digital world?

Through our society, in collaboration with SSSHAKE creative community, we aim at helping students from different fields to connect easily for generating innovative collaborations and ideas.

We want to offer limitless possibilities to connect with peers by representing equally all the creative industries: music, design, film, fine arts, fashion, theatre, advertising, illustration and so on. Together we can push new collaborations among students and engage across the different schools. We want our society to be a call to action.

How are we going to do that? 

By hosting monthly events curated by students, for students. We will share on our Facebook page amazing creative opportunities open to all students and, most of all, you will have a chance to meet like-minded students from the 6 different UAL colleges.

Join our society today - we are more than a group of like minded people, we are the next generation of creators.


Planned Events/Activities:

Creative gatherings (networking events with creatives from all industries) outside UAL


Networking events at UAL

Society social (small gathering/get together for society members only)


Contact Details:

Caterina Pomari:
Martino Palamidese:
Lidia Huerta


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Annual membership fee of society: FREE