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Here at UAL Drama we aim to provide dramatic and cultural outings, events, and workshops for all UAL students.

The Drama Society will explore and experience theatre and performance in its many forms, expressions, and roles: acting, writing, directing, singing, dancing, producing, stage designing and management, costume and prop making, lighting, sound and visual effects. We are also very keen on exploring other dramatic formats such as film, radio, and TV; we'll be promoting activities and events related to them.

We welcome you all and encourage members to share skills, talents, and dreams. No previous dramatic experience is necessary! The Drama Society is a hub for expression, research, and enjoyment of dramatic arts.


Values of the Drama Society

• Experimentation – Thinking outside the box and taking risks.

• Social bonding – Meeting new people and making friends.

• Bridging knowledge – Sharing skills and learning together.

• Openness – Everyone is welcome.

• Commitment – Engaging truly with the projects and activities.

• Enjoyment – Most importantly, we want to have fun!


Benefits for Members

  • Workshops to gain a better understanding of drama and the various aspects of acting/performing.
  • Social activities, such as theatre visits, tours, talks, etc.
  • Getting to know students from other UAL courses and colleges, expanding your network of friends and collaborators.
  • Engaging in a myriad of creative projects and activities and enhancing your portfolio.


Planned Events and Activities

1) Weekly drama workshops at CSM (Drama Centre).  As part of our philosophy of sharing skills and learning together, each session is divided in two parts. This is a laboratory for creation of, and experimentation with, the dramatic arts. We’ll be using different techniques, styles, and approaches, including:

a. Physical/movement exercises and group games

b. Acting training 

c. Working with text and words

d. Improvisation sessions

e. Exploring with music, sound, time, space, and rhythm. 

2) Theatre trips

We organise theatre trips every month or two months to see a play and discuss it afterwards, usually in a pub or a social environment. We contact the theatres to get the best possible discount for the group.

3) Creative Labs

a) Specific workshops with invited guests/artists/collaborators (clowns, contemporary dance, cinema, podcast, theatre design, etc.).

b) Short film projects and audio-visual experiments - We foster, promote, and, sometimes, produce collaborative film projects and radio/audiodrama experiments using UAL's resources and studios.

c) WIP Nights - We organise and program a series of performance events open to the public, aiming to try out "Work in Progress" materials from our members or as a result of the workshops.

4) A theatrical production created, produced, and performed by the Drama Society

We will present a major professional production by the end of the academic year. Stay tuned for upcoming information.



Do the workshops have an extra cost?
No, for the moment, the workshops will be free and open for all members.


Do I have to attend to all of them?
No, but if you can that’s awesome. Please don’t feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to do.


I don’t feel comfortable with acting or speaking in public. Can I still come to the workshops?
Yes, absolutely. We encourage people at all levels to participate. If you don’t want to engage in the acting exercises, you can be an active observer of the session (take notes, take pictures, film it, make drawings, etc.). 

I'm not very confident with the English language, is that a problem?

Not at all. We are an extremely diverse group and we embrace that richness and use it in our creative work. Also, there are many ways of communicating and expressing that go beyond spoken language and that's one of the things we explore in the workshops.


Are the theatre excursions included in the membership?
We’ll try to plan all activities in advance, including visiting theatres and going to shows. We can apply for funding from the Students’ Union and locate alternative sources of funding (i.e. sponsorship). If we don’t get funding for an activity, then the cost of the ticket would be assumed by each attendee.


Contact Details

President - Pedro Rothstein

Treasurer - Pinky Latt

Vice President - Ankita Sharma


Social Media

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Annual Membership Fee


Terms and conditions

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Please note: by signing up to a UAL society you agree to adhere to the Arts SU's code of conduct. Memberships are non-refundable from two weeks after purchase.