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Arts SU Launches Commuting Report

Arts Students' Union today launches our groundbreaking report of our research into the experiences of students who commute at University of the Arts London.


Arts Students' Union today launches our groundbreaking report of our research into the experiences of students who commute at University of the Arts London.

Earlier this academic year, Arts SU asked our members to share their experiences of travelling to and from UAL, and our findings and recommendations have been compiled into a report which exposes the harsh realities of the decisions our members face when commuting. Read the report in full.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Daniela Commey, Arts SU Union Affairs Officer 2023/24, said: "As a commuter and recent graduate, my campaign at Arts Students' Union on the cost of travel was driven by a comprehension of how commuting costs impact the overall student experience, the ability to access education and fully engage with your course, college, and peers.

I am convinced these results will resonate with fellow commuters who are often overlooked, and unseen - quite literally. We hope this research helps the University acknowledge any oversight in their efforts to making education accessible, and therefore, actively widen participation in University life. We hope UAL will utilise these findings and our recommendatioons, and meaningfully engage in a conversation to improve the student experience for all students who commute."

Arts SU wants to thank our Senior Policy & Research Officer Calum Sherwood for conducting research and compiling the report, and Graphic Designer Marina Marbella for designing the report.


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