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Updates from Your LCF Officer (Term 2)

Hear from Katwamba Mutale, your LCF Officer, about what he's been up to this term!

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A photo of LCF Officer with a title ‘LCF Officer Update #2 with purple background with purple, yello LCF Officer Updates #2

Hello there, this is Katwamba bringing you the second LCF Officer Update of the academic year, letting you know what I’ve been up to! Second term started off long and busy!

What I’ve been doing

Student Community at East Bank 

It was lovely to see and talk to many of you at our student launch last term to celebrate the opening of the East Bank Building and start to feel the community at LCF coming together. Last term I joined the Students Events Committee, I am looking forward to helping plan for more events to happen the new campus and the student community even further. 

LGBTQIA+ History Month 2024

Over the last month, CSM Officer Minna Ellis and I have been getting ready for LGBTQIA+ History Month, which is finally here! Our theme for this year is Queer Resistance and Expression Through Creativity, which aims to centre around championing the huge variety of ways that LGBTQIA+ people express themselves while ensuring we celebrate the importance of the concept of queer resistance. We have an enriching events program available here. We already kickstarted this month with an exhibition Opening Night and Social at Queer Britain photos available real soon!

Decolonising The Curriculum & Attainment Gap

Last term, I gained feedback through Student Dean Forums to get your insight about how decolonising the curriculum and the attainment gap. It was great to hear your thoughts and for me to find out what each School is doing and plan out the next steps.

I have also been working with Head of Social Purpose in beginning to feed into how LCF can become a decolonised college. I look forward to working with them closely over the next term.  

What I am currently working on

Student Feedback at East Bank

Last term, your feedback about 24-hour library access and canteen prices were some of the key issues affecting LCF. I have been raising this feedback last term in senior college meetings and your Head of College. Over the next term, we will plan to move forward with raising your feedback even further to ensure LCF hears your feedback.

Arts Student' Union Office at East Bank

There have been lighting issues which have meant delaying the opening of our office to more regular hours. We hope to have the issue sorted out soon. Until then, the office will remain closed on most days however, you can find me every week on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Arts Shop at East Bank

I am working with Andrew Teverson to get frequent updates about the opening of the Arts Shop East Bank which has experienced significant delays. Ihope to be able to have clear news about when the shop will be opening by the end of this term.

Thank you for reading, see you at the next update!

- Katwamba



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