Arts SU want to commission your ideas to make this year’s Welcome Fair more exciting and engaging than ever. 

Every year the Arts SU Welcome Fair, also known as the Fresher’s Fair, is attended by thousands of new students.

Occupying the ‘Street’ space at Central Saint Martins (CSM) we are looking for your ideas to make the space feel inspiring, memorable and to demonstrate the vibrant, creative UAL community. 

You might want to do an installation, a workshop, a roaming performance, present a costume, do a dance in our allocated activity area or DJ.

Whatever you want to do we want to hear from you!

Applications for this opportunity have now closed - Cecelia Graham who can be reached on will be in touch to discuss next steps.

We welcome applications from recent graduates and current third years who will have graduated at the time of Welcome Fair. 

Some things to keep in mind for your application: 

+ The building will be open and operational as normal so your proposal must not prevent everyday building activity. We welcome applications including music and sound e.g. live performance and DJs, but sound levels will be restricted so as not to disturb people in other areas of the building. 

+ We welcome applications that tie in or take inspiration from Arts SU’s welcome-period branding. This branding focuses on the current trends in graphic design. These include designs that are futuristic, with vibrant use of gradients / duotones and double exposure. We will focus on a heavy use of vibrant pink shades across our physical and digital branding. Linking your proposal with these themes will be looked upon favourably but not essential