Event Information

Tickets vary from £25 (Early Bird) £85 (VIP) so audiences have invested in their Saturday night at the RA and all experiences and activities must be produced to a high standard.

The RA Late is an all campus late night boutique festival at the Royal Academy of Arts, inspired by the Georgian fantasylands known as ‘Pleasure Gardens’.

This is the second time that the Royal Academy will be hosting an event based on the theme 'Summer Pleasure Gardens' you can view images from the 2018 event here.

There will be 3,000 attendees and event activity will takeover the RA’s two acre campus, featuring performances, DJs, artist installations, creative activities, immersive experiences, film screenings, karaoke, voguing and more.

Arts SU Brief

We are inviting students from UAL to propose artworks that will feature in a prominent location at RA Lates: Summer Pleasure Garden.

Their artwork must relate to the Summer Late concept of a ‘contemporary reinterpretation of an 18th century pleasure garden’.

You are invited to consider themes relating to nature vs urban environments, night time entertainment, city gardens, lightshows, Georgian London, contemporary London or a celebration or exploration of ‘pleasure’.

We will select 1 x current art student or collective from UAL who will be paid an artist’s fee of £250 and will be given £250 maximum towards materials.

They will also be listed as a participating artist on the RA’s event webpage and on the printed programme distributed to all attendees on the night.

We will consider proposals from multidisciplinary artistic backgrounds, which can range from sculptural works, immersive installations, projection mapping visuals, a pop-up exhibition of 2D artworks, digital art and film to scenography and set dressing.

Applications are now closed for this opportunity - all students will be notified before Friday 31st May whether they have been selected to move forward for interview.