Advice Policies

Arts SU Advice Service has a number of policies which lay out how we will provide you with a quality and consistent service. 


We keep our conversations with you confidential within the Advice Team but in exceptional circumstances, we have to break this confidentiality. We will only break confidentiality if you're at harm to yourself or others, if a minor is at risk of harm or where we have a legal obligation to do so. You can read our full Confidentiality Policy here

Withdrawal of Service 

We reserve the right to withdraw our advice service from students. We rarely have to do this but when we do we take it in line with our Withdrawl of Service Policy which you can read here


Ideally, we'd prefer to speak directly to you about your case but we know that this isn't always possible. We can give general advice / signposting but we need your written consent to speak to a parent/guardian about your circumstances without you there.

Conflict of Interest

Any student at UAL can access our service. Sometimes students on both sides of an issue come to us for help. When this happens we ensure that you'll be seen by different advisers and our advisers won't discuss your case.

Sometimes there is a conflict of interest with Arts SU, for example, if you were bringing a complaint against the SU. If this happened we wouldn't be able to advise you and would direct you to help elsewhere. 


We aim to keep the advice on our website as up to date as possible but they should be used as a reference and not a substitute for advice. If you have an issue, get in touch. 

*Correct as of September 2018