Campaigns Officer

Olivia Kellett


Hi there.

Hello! I’m Olivia, your newly appointed Campaigns Officer! I was a student at LCF, as well as President of the Sustainability Society.

What will you be up to this year?

This year I’m very focused on making UAL a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to study, setting an example to other creative universities. I want to utilise UAL’s alumni and industry connections to engage you guys with more inspiring talks, seminars and workshops. I also want to support you to campaign on the issues you are passionate about, both inside and outside the university.

My message to new students is...

You are the artists and designers of the future. I believe it’s time we challenge the creative industry to create positive change, more inclusivity and representation, and reduce the negative impact it’s having on the world. I’m very keen to hear what you guys are passionate about, or what changes you would like to see! Feel free to email me or drop by the office to discuss any campaigns you are interested in getting involved in, or starting! x

Check out Olivia's work during her time at LCF

Fashion Work

Fashion Work

Fashion Work

Manifesto (coming soon)

Get in touch

If you have any issues with the University or just want to chat, feel free to approach me or send me an email anytime: