Our campaign workshops are a way to broaden your creative practice and have your voice heard on social change. The workshops are an opportunity to explore how to run a successful campaign within UAL and beyond. From how to impactfully communicate a campaign message to ways to integrate creativity within your campaign, our workshops will equip you with new skills and connect you with likeminded students. 

The workshops will take place on Zoom and will be run for up to 15 students. They are broken up into four individual modules, each covering a specific area of campaigning. Workshops will be up to three hours long with breaks and will involve open discussion and interactive group activities. 

To get the most out of the campaign workshops, we encourage you to attend all four. This is because we will be building on activities and discussions from each session, using the group's area of interest as a focus across the workshops.

Below is a list of the four campaign workshops running this term throughout November. Please click on the link to find out more about each individual workshop.

To sign up to the workshops, please fill out the form below: