LGBTQ+ History Month is celebrated annually in the month of February in the United Kingdom. The first LGBTQ+ History Month took place in 1994 in Missouri, and started in the United Kingdom in 2005 following the repeal of Section 28 two years prior. Not to be confused with Pride Month which is held annually in June, LGBTQ+ History Month has a particular focus on visibility and awareness within the education system for LGBT+ people, something which was illegal under Section 28. The theme for 2021 is ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’. 

While it has been almost 20 years since the repeal of Section 28, the impact of this homophobic legislation is still felt today. As recent as 2003, children in schools would have been forbidden from learning or teaching LGBT+ issues, and this stigma did not disappear overnight. This is why it is so important to celebrate and to encourage visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ people and their experiences across all genders, sexualities, races, cultures, abilities and faiths. 

Around the theme of ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’, this February we will offer you a series of talks, workshops, artist showcases, and opportunities to have your voices heard and your work seen and celebrated. We are committed to making sure that your experience at UAL as and LGBTQIA+ person is the best it can be, and to help our allies understand why we do this every year. 

UAL's LGBTQ+ Society is here to connect LGBTQ+ students with one another year round through events, socials and activities. You can find more information and get involved through their society page, or through their Instagram.

"This month, this year, and every year, at UAL we have this message to our LGBTQIA+ students and teachers: you are seen, you are heard, you are valid, and you are loved! If there is one thing the LGBTQIA+ community is good at, it is being a community. In the past we have had to do this in secret, but now we do so in the open, hand in hand, lifting up and supporting the most vulnerable amongst us. While COVID restrictions mean we can’t meet in the same ways as previous years, this community still thrives and with your help we can make this LGBT+ History Month one to remember."

-- Justin South, LGBTQ+ Students Officer 2021/22 (He/Him) 

We're also running a LGBTQ+ Student Art Showcase Competition!

What's up for grabs? A £150 voucher prize, your art produced, and a 1-2-1 development session with Not Just A Shop!  Click here to find out more!


LGBTQ+ History Month Events